Post Decree Motions

The court has continuing authority to enforce its orders. Thus, if either party does not comply with the terms of a Decree of Divorce, a Decree of Dissolution, or a Decree of Shared Parenting, then a Motion can be filed with the court.


Post Decree Motions can seek enforcement, sanctions, contempt, modification, or termination of shared parenting. Parties may need to file post decree motions to secure court ordered division of debts and/ or assets, as well as real estate issues. Often post decree filings pertain to the issues of parenting time.

The court has continuing jurisdiction to modify child support and /or parenting arrangements if there is a significant change in circumstances. A modification may be requested in numerous circumstances, such as:

  • An increase / decrease in income
  • Relocation of a parent
  • A change in the child’s living or housing arrangements
  • For school purposes

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