Alimony & Spousal Support

Unlike child support, spousal support is not determined by a set formula. Spousal Support can be a difficult factor to predict with accuracy because of the discretion allowed in determining an award.

Ohio statutes set forth numerous factors that a court is to consider when determining if spousal support is appropriate. Some of the most significant factors are the length of the marriage, the earnings of the parties, the ages of the parties and their health. All spousal support terminates at the death of either party. It can also terminate at re-marriage of the recipient, cohabitation of the recipient or after a specified period of years.

Spousal support can be temporary, short term, or long term/permanent. Temporary orders are those put in place by a court in the process of an action for Divorce. Such orders are designed to allow the recipient spouse to maintain certain debts and a standard of living until the divorce action is completed. Short term spousal support is an award for a short period of time after the divorce action is finalized. It is designed to allow the recipient party an opportunity to get on their feet through retraining, obtaining a job, or even completing a degree. Long term spousal support or permanent support is an award for numerous years or life. This award is common in cases where the recipient spouse cannot re-enter the workforce due to age or health and needs funds to maintain a household.

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