Ohio Divorce

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Termination of a marriage in Ohio can be handled through an action for divorce or dissolution. The divorce process is used when the parties are unable to reach an agreement on the terms and conditions of separating and ending the marriage. The divorce process is initiated by one party through the filing of a complaint for divorce along with other required documents. The court will schedule reports and hearings as necessary and will ultimately issue decisions on parenting and property issues if the parties can't agree.

Basic Steps for obtaining a Divorce in Ohio

  1. Filing of a Complaint - This is filed by either Husband or Wife and is accompanied by an affidavit of income as well as other court-required forms.
  2. First Hearing in a Divorce action - The court will schedule its first hearing at the time of the filing of the complaint for divorce or shortly after the divorce complaint has been served on the other spouse.
  3. Additional Hearings and Trials - Additional hearings will be scheduled as is necessary. These include: reports, scheduling conferences, hearings on motions, hearings on child support, hearings on spousal support / alimony, pre trials, child custody trials, property trials, etc.
  4. The Role of other services and requirements - Some cases are referred to mediation to see if the parties can resolve issues on parenting, support or property division. If children are involved Early Neutral Evaluation and/or a parenting investigation may be ordered. Also, in cases with minor children the court can appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the children and their interests in the process.
  5. The merits hearing - This is the final divorce hearing. It is usually a 3-5 minute hearing and is either done as part of the property trial or on its own.

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